The Joy of Travel with Eamonn Holmes

Join Hayley Sparkes on a Princess Cruises voyage to Norway as she sits down with the ever-fascinating Eamonn Holmes, Not Just Travel’s new Brand Spokesperson.

Discover Eamonn’s travel stories, from his first adventure away from Ireland at 18 to more recent holiday memories like when witnessing the awe-inspiring sight of icebergs and whales during an Arctic cruise.

In this episode of The Travel Podcast, learn how Eamonn became a passionate advocate for travel consultants during the pandemic and continues to champion their cause today.

Through his personal experiences and conversations with Not Just Travel experts, Eamonn discusses what he’s learned about booking cruises and other holidays with us, from adventurous family escapades to sophisticated relaxation for those seeking a touch of luxury.

In this personal episode of the Travel Podcast, we invite you to get to know your new Not Just Travel buddy a little better through his own heartfelt anecdotes and a deep appreciation for different cultures.

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